Elijah "EA" Agurs is a Baltimore-based creative that focuses on making photos with emphasis on running and portraiture. He is currently on a Photography B.F.A. track at top honors college, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Serving as his muses, EA's passions and sub-culture resides in running, music, and fashion.
He is also a member of the Magic Boost which fosters emerging storytellers and connects them with leaders in the track and field industry.
Select Clients: Under Armour, On Running, World Athletics, Wieden+Kennedy, Tata Consultancy Services, Soul Focus Sports
Features: "2 Black Runners"Voyage Magazine, the Oval Magazine (11th edition), New Generation TF magazine (5th edition). 
Artist Statement
No words… 
When a person views my images, I want them to just be able to feel the emotions resonating from my work instead of words to describe the photograph. My work is unique and undeniably distinct because I am me, and I am the only me. Many have no idea what they want to do with their life and live through the monotonous tribulations of daily existence, and I want people to at least pick up their phone to try and experiment with photography to see if they love it as much as I do. Finding a passion or love for anything is as valuable as striking gold.

Additionally, I want to use my camera as a tool to help other people understand what it is like to live in another person’s shoes. I want people to feel what it is like to go explore the mountains, work day in and day out to get a scholarship to be the first in your family to go to college, fight against oppression, or even wake up early daily to train for the glory of winning a championship. The greatest photographers have always used their camera uncover emotions hidden behind the veil, and that is what I seek to do. 
"I AM" est. 2020
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